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How do we go about offering Free shipping on select items? I already created separate shipping profiles for items I want to have calculate shipping for, from those I want to have free shipping.


However upon checkout, if I combine 1 items with free shipping with at least 1 item that has paid shipping, it automatically turns the whole cart to only have free shipping. 


For example, I have free shipping turned on only for Shirts. If a customer orders a shirt and pin (shipping $4,50), instead of displaying a shipping total of $4.50, the entire cart is being charged $0.00 in shipping. This is obviously a loss for me as I only account for free shipping on select items.


Does free shipping override the rest of the shipping profiles when combined, or is there a setting I have to look into to "add" shipping prices together, instead of Shopify choosing the lowest one?


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Were you able to solve this? We have the same problem in reverse. What you describe is what we want. We have free shipping on larger items and some accessories we charge for shipping but if bought together we can just put the small accessories with the free shipping item so we don't need to charge shipping.