Free Shipping on select items

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How do we go about offering Free shipping on select items? I already created separate shipping profiles for items I want to have calculate shipping for, from those I want to have free shipping.


However upon checkout, if I combine 1 items with free shipping with at least 1 item that has paid shipping, it automatically turns the whole cart to only have free shipping. 


For example, I have free shipping turned on only for Shirts. If a customer orders a shirt and pin (shipping $4,50), instead of displaying a shipping total of $4.50, the entire cart is being charged $0.00 in shipping. This is obviously a loss for me as I only account for free shipping on select items.


Does free shipping override the rest of the shipping profiles when combined, or is there a setting I have to look into to "add" shipping prices together, instead of Shopify choosing the lowest one?


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