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Free Shipping Under 50 lbs

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We want to provide free shipping under 50 lbs to specific groups of customers. We do not want the overall shipping weight to exceed 50 lbs so we are looking for a way to offer this to our customers. We thought about doing a discount code but it doesn't let you do free shipping under 50 lbs, just free shipping in general. Also, we thought about grouping all the products under 50 lbs into a collection and offering free shipping this way but some people could add those products and potentially go over the 50 lbs since there isn't that actual 50 lb cutoff. 

Many thanks for the help!

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Hello @shannonk922,

 The total weight at the checkout is calculated as both product and package weight to display a shipping rate, the solution to the query can be achieved by setting up default box-package which adds up to 50 lbs maximum weight of the products, where all the products when put together weighs up to 50 lbs will fit into only that custom default box.
And adding the flat rate of $0 as shipping cost will enable you to offer Free shipping to customers under 50 lbs.

You can test the order yourself and check the shipping cost comes to $0.

I would suggest the Multi-carrier shipping label app, which enables the weight-based box packing method and sets up flat rates based on the conditions like maximum weight(50 lb).

You can check out the app for a 14-day free trial. To know more about the set up kindly contact the support team.

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