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From ShipStation to Shopify Shipping

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I was using ShipStation in order to use USPS Media Mail, and they required a account with an ongoing balance to cover the shipping costs. When I found out that Shopify was now offering USPS Media Mail, I cancelled my ShipStation account and signed up for Shopify Shipping. The first order placed after that had a shipping cost of $3.33 for USPS Media Mail, and I was charged $3.33 on my credit card by Shopify. However, I just noticed that I was also charge $3.33 on the account for that same order. Can I go ahead and cancel my account? I don't need it to use Shopify Shipping with USPS Media Mail, correct? 

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Hey!Are the rates in shopify lower than the rates in ship station? We use most fedex and ups (no USPS) , and we never used shipstation or shippo, so I am trying to figure out if it is worth it to add shippo or shipstation or not?


Sorry I cannot help you with your question, I just wanted to hear from you

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Your account would have been charged because you would have generated a label from Shipstation as well. If you are looking to use Shopify's Media Mail, there is no necessity to keep a account.

However, if you need the additional flexibility of automating order fulfillment based on certain criteria like Order weight, Order price, etc.

Then, I would suggest the Multi-carrier shipping label app. The app helps in completely automating USPS shipping with Shopify by allowing merchants to show your negotiated rates at checkout (provided, carrier-calculated rates is enabled on your Shopify store), print USPS shipping labels in bulk from within Shopify using your own USPS account, and enable Shopify USPS tracking for all the orders.

You can enable USPS shipping with the app either by directly using your USPS account or by using the account.

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