Fulfilling a particular lines of an order Using GraphQL

Fulfilling a particular lines of an order Using GraphQL

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Hi People


I need some help regarding fulfilling an order using graphQL. I can fulfill the complete order using the below

 mutation {
                    fulfillment: {
                        trackingInfo: {
                            number: "234234"
                            url: ""
                            company: ""
                ) {
                    fulfillment {

I can mention the lines using the below , but if I need to do that I need the Fulfilment Order Line IDs.

lineItemsByFulfillmentOrder: [
              fulfillmentOrderId: $fulfillmentOrderId,
              fulfillmentOrderLineItems: [
                  id: $fulfillmentOrderLineItemId,
                  quantity: $quantity

Where can I find those fulfilment Order Line IDs. All the line IDs I can find in the line_items are the actual order line IDs and not the fulfillment Order Line ID. 

Any one has a solution on how I can fulfill a single line of an order?

I can see the fulfillment Order ID and order line ID in the line_items in the rest API call :/orders/12344/fulfillment_orders.json

"line_items": [
"id": 13382888030416, // Fulfillment Order Line ID, which i need to fulfill
"shop_id": 60446638288,
"fulfillment_order_id": 6231380590800,
"quantity": 1,
"line_item_id": 13260832866512,  // Order Line ID


PS: Also just wondering if there a way to get Fulfillment Order details of multiple orders using a single graphQL call?

Any help is much appreciated.


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