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Hi, my apologies if this is a stupid question... I currently am using Spocket to sell my products.  I know that for fulfilling these orders, they automatically get fed to Spocket and to the supplier for shipping. Now, I have a friend that wants to sell their products on my Shopify store. I know how to create the product on my store, but how do I link any orders that come in to get automatically sent to my friend to pack up the item and ship it?; I physically won't be holding any of their products but will be paying a wholesale price and selling the product as a markup.Is there an app that facilitates this process

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Hey, @ScottHartz!

Ryder here, from the Social Care Team at Shopify. Welcome to the Community, and thanks for posting! I'd be happy to clarify how you're able to forward your order notifications to your friend so that they can proceed with the fulfillment process.

Activating a custom fulfillment service and setting up your friend's products to be fulfilled by them will enable you to do this. You can set this up in your Admin and going into Settings > Shipping and delivery and scrolling to the bottom of the page to the Custom order fulfillment section and click Add fulfillment service:


You'll then see a pop-up requesting a name and email for this fulfillment service. Here you'll be able to input your friend's business's name and the email address they'd like to receive notifications at:


Don't forget to click Save!

Next we're going to want to make sure that those specific products are set to be fulfilled by your friend. You can do this individually by going to the Inventory section of each of your friend's product pages, and change the "Inventory managed by" to your friend's fulfillment service. For example, here I created and selected a "Test" fulfillment service:


Don't forget to click Save!

If your friend has multiple products, and you'd like to adjust inventory management for multiple products at a time - you can do this with the Bulk editor. You'll just need to go to the Products page on the lefthand menu of your Admin and select which products you'd like to edit before clicking Edit products:


On the Bulk editor page, you'll want to click the Add fields dropdown at the top and select Fulfillment service in the Shipping section:


This will populate a "Fulfillment service" column which will allow you to select your friend's fulfillment service accordingly:


Once again, don't forget to click Save!

To send your friend an order notification, you'll need to mark any of their items in an order as fulfilled. This will appear as "fulfilled" on your end, and your friend will then receive the order notification to commence fulfillment.



You can later update this order to include tracking information:


Hope this helps! Please let me know if there's anything I can clarify.


Ryder A. | Social Care @ Shopify 
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Hi ScottHartz,

Thanks for using Spocket to sell your products! If your friend has their own product or they are a supplier, they might want to consider applying as a Spocket supplier. If they are approved and is able to join Spocket as a supplier, bigger opportunities await them and its free. Of course that is just an option. It's still up to you or your friend if you want to go that route. In case they do want to apply though, they can do it here



John & the Spocket Team

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