Fulfillment API using shopifyQL and updating API version

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We built our applications on API version 2021-10 when that was the newest version.
It's all been running fine, but we received a message about updating to Fulfillment Orders API.

It looks like to use this, we'd have to update our API version, which means every other API we use also has changes involved.

The concerning part of the message is 

Please note that the Fulfillment API will stop working as intended on March 31st, 2023 


Is that true even when using the older API versions? The rest of the message seems to imply it will be a problem only when migrating to 2023-01

Assuming we do migrate to a newer API version, all the discussion I see is about the REST api changes with very limited on QL.  We use a single function to create a fulfillment with the given tracking info and list of items being shipped. The fulfillment orders API is just confounding for what we want to do (just mark things as shipped and provide tracking info)




mutation fulfillmentCreate($input: FulfillmentInput!) {
  fulfillmentCreate(input: $input) {
    fulfillment {
    userErrors {




The migrations guide seemed to be a joke and didn't mention anything other than the permissions needed.  Advice?

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I hope you get an answer.  It seems my shipstation->Shopify stopped working the same day yours did (even though it says this goes into effect in April).  Seems Shipstation/Shopify would work out this integration since there are so many involved.  So now all of a sudden my workflow is broken and my customers aren't being notified.