Fulfillment Reporting by Location

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I am trying to work out if there is any reporting on fulfillment?  I currently fulfill orders from multiply locations across Australia and I am wanting numbers per location each day/week/month?

Any advice or guidance on this please?


Thank you


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Hi, did you manage to find a solution for this query re reporting based on fulfillment location?

Many thanks, Missy

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Yes I would like a similar report also

I would like to be able to track the number of orders being fulfilled by location and staff members

Hopefully this is something Shopify can add to their reporting?

I tried using Zapier to pull the data into a Google Spreadsheet but I cannot report on which staff member fulfilled the order. However I can get a rough report based on location



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Hi @NiallRobinson @MissyRB @RT2020 ,

Kritesh here from Better Reports support team.

I believe our app Better Reports may be able to help. We can track the number of orders from each fulfillment location for any time period by day/week/month. We can also create a custom report that could calculate average fulfillment delays and other metrics.

If you need, we can also look at each specific order line and its associated fulfillments (for a single line being fulfilled in different shipments) 🙂

In addition to building custom reports to meet your specific needs, you'll have access to 60+ built-in reports that cover many common use cases for merchants and our reports can be scheduled to send to your email or Google Drive at set frequencies.

I encourage you to install Better Reports and start your free 14-day trial, and I'll be happy to set this up for you. 

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I would like to get a report that shows which orders were fulfilled on specific days so I don't have to click through each order to see. Will Better Reports do that or some other App?

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Hello @jenjoyceOPS,

This is John from Report Pundit app.

Report Pundit is a cost-effective app that helps merchants create custom reports to analyze store data.

Yes, Report Pundit can show orders that were fulfilled on a specific day or a date range. The report can also show detail behind each fulfilled order.

Our live customer support team can create a report for you instantly. You can also contact us at support@reportpundit.com


Report Pundit - Instant reports and custom dashboards
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Hi, @jenjoyceOPS@MissyRB  @RT2020 and @NiallRobinson 

This post is still not marked as solved, so I will suggest the Advanced Reports app here.

It is possible using our Advanced Reports to build the report based on the Location Name.

Please feel free to contact me via live chat in the app or just write me at support@omegacommerce.com






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Hello @RT2020@NiallRobinson@MissyRB,

Report Pundit will provide any data related to fulfillments like pending, closed, fulfilled by location and staff. You can get details like order date, product name, variant title, ordered quantity, discounts, fulfillment status of the order, etc.

Many merchants use our app to create a daily pick list or shipping list that is sent to their fulfillment partner.

The report can be scheduled to email, google drive, Ftp, BigQuery like daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly yearly

Please contact us by live chat support or email at support@reportpundit.com if you need help to create custom reports.


Report Pundit - Instant reports and custom dashboards