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Ok so I decided to leave the dropshipping model and move to buying my own products with my own brand .
I want to sell high quality products and to provide high quality service.
My manufacture is in China and my main market are - USA, Australia, Canda.
I don't have a lot of different SKU's and not a lot of products .
I am looking for a long time after fulfillment service that won't cost so much and will have great service.
I searched USA based companies and they all have so many charges that you don't know if there will be any profit left for you. Adding to that it will be expensive to send the goods from China to the USA .
So I moved to Chinese fulfillment service and then I got lost. Can someone please help me with this issue? Does anyone have recommendations?

Thank in advance - Amnon nona
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Yes, dropshipping mode will be easy to start but difficult to go longer

As it's not easy to control quality and make your own brand


For  selling your own products, Fulfillment service is important


If you are selling worldwide, and product are made in China

Stock your product in a Chinese fulfillment center which can ship internationally is a best choice


However, as it's international shipping, much more complex than shipping inside a country

1. Cheap shipping way is slow and fast shipping way is expensive, which mean you need to consider about if you have enough profit to offer shipping

2. Some kinds of product are not allow to ship, such as powder, liquid, battery(some shipping agent said they can , but risk will be a lot). 

3. Risk for custom problem 


Some good idea:

1. Big size but light weight item can be used epacket, EMS as these shipping way don't charge by volume

2. Heavy or bulk products selling is possible as some special shipping line exist , such as : Road Freight To Door(tax free) to EU,  Ocean Freight To Door(tax free) to US

3. For higher valuer product, Fast shipping way such as DHL(2-5 days) may be not as expensive as you think. For example, in dshipchina , DHL to USA 0.5kg-18.37 USD, 1kg-22.59USD, 40kg-249.69USD




1. international shipping knowledge 

2. Shipping calculator

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Have you found a fulfillment centre in China? We're currently looking for one in China ourselves and it has been proving really difficult, would appreciate a recommendation. Thanks in advance!

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Shoot me an email at team@otwshipping.com. Our pricing is low and transparent so you know all your costs up front!