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 I just fulfilled a product via printify but I did not know thats what I needed to do. I sell books via Print on Demand it's simple people place the order and the P.O.D. company just prints it and ships it. Unfortunately I was assuming this would be the same but thats fine. The only problem is I clicked fulfil on Shopify a day or 2 ago thinking that's all I have to do and finally discovered I had to do it on Printify. So now Shopify thinks the order is fulfilled but Printify is only just now sending it out.  The customer is fine with that, but now my Shopify records are wrong. I unarchived the order but wondering if I can correct this error. I'm new to this so learning as I go along.

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I don't think it matters if you've already coordinated the shipment with your POD provider, because the order is fulfilled and archived either way.


But if you want to change it you can unfulfill line items. In the order details page click the 3 dots next to a fulfillment, then select "cancel fulfillment".



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