Fulfilment based on Customer Location

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Here's a simple scenario:

1 x shopify store
3 x fulfilment centers - UK, US, Germany

When a customer places an order, we want Shopify to recognise the closest fulfilment center to the customer and dispatch inventory from that location. 

This is so incredibly straightforward, I'm amazed that Shopify (still) have not implemented it.

I've read forum posts on here from way back in 2014, where users are asking the exact same question. The standard response from back then was "we'll add it to the list of recommended updates".

Third party Apps do NOT solve the problem. Equally, Shopify 'Locations' are useless for this incredibly common scenario.

Can somebody from Shopify let us know when this feature might be available or perhaps suggest a workaround?

Please don't mention Apps - we've looked at them all without success.

The only thing I believe "works" - but it doesn't really - is to create a sub domain and effectively have 3 separate Shopify stores for the 3 locations where inventory is store.

This, in my humble opinion, is absolutely crazy.



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If you share the steps to do this manually, we could build a custom app for you that automates the process.

For example:

1) How do you calculate the closest fulfillment center (maybe using Google Maps? If that's the case we can tap into their API to automate the calculation)

2) What action do you want to happen for "dispatch inventory from that location"? (for example, do you want an email to send to someone at that fulfillment center, or the order tagged, etc)

With the steps detailed manually, we could create an automated solution for you.

I understand the ideal situation is Shopify implementing this for you, but if that doesn't happen and you want to go a custom route, feel free to give me a shout.


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Thanks Joe, I appreciate you replying back.

I'm still baffled how / why Shopify haven't implemented this.

It's such a common issue (i.e having multiple fulfilment centers)

We'll certainly give you a shout if we go down the automated route.

The only other option is separate websites on unique sub-domains, but that seems like a crazy workaround.