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I am wondering if anyone knows the answer.  I am new to Shopify and have been setting up my store.  I am using Print on Demand and Oberlo. There are videos on Oberlo fulfilment with AliExpress but I can't find anything for others.

I will use Printful and Jetprint.  I have just done a test purchase on Jetprint.  This all worked perfectly my end and I used a coupon i set up also. This now shows in Orders.  I went to Jetprint the order was waiting as unpaid.  I had not provided a card (which I have done now) I paid and have received the relevant receipts.  I need to wait for their despatch email.

My question is I have no idea what I am supposed to do in the order fulfilment with Shopify.  I chatted to support and they advised to click fulfil the order which I have done and that shows now as in progress, no longer unfulfilled.

Once I get an email from Jetprint to say it is being despatched do I then go back to the order and add tracking?  If so how and where?  i want the client to receive tracking emails etc.

Also How do I adbise Shopify of the costs paid or is that not necessary, so Shopify, work out profit?  Is there anything else i need to do in the order section.  I presume once I have added tracking i then file as fulfilled?

Thanks for any and all advise you can offer.

I sent a request to Jetprint as they are a 3rd part app integration.



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