Fullfil multiple line items with different tracking numbers on one order

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Suppose I have an order with two different line items and each one has a different tracking number. When I make a post to the  `/admin/api/2019-04/orders/{$orderId}/fulfillments.json`, I'm not able to link which tracking number belongs to which line_item. Is this possible? Has Shopify considered this scenario?


line_item  tracking_number

1223         skdldd

4556 .      fdfsdsads


the admin just shows the two tracking numbers not linking to the specific line_item even after specifying that on the payload being sent. This makes fulfillments hard to track. 

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Having this issue too, and seems crazy that Shopify wouldn't let you assign specific tracking numbers to specific line items within a single fulfillment event... Only solution we've thought of is to submit individual fulfillment events for each line item, but that would render the order partially fulfilled along the way until all items are fulfilled, which could cause other problems. Curious to hear if anyone's figured out a solution here, or from someone at Shopify as to whether this is expected?

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Some one resolved this issue.