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Hi, very difficult to choose a fulfillment partner. Would like to know if anybody using fulfillment.com
I've read review on Whiplash fulfillment (good but expensive), fulfillrite (good but manage  only small products)

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Hi Matt,

It might be worth having a conversation with us.

We are 3LINX a global fulfillment provider with warehouses in the US and UK. We can also easily integrate with Shopify and lots of other channels.

Reach out to us if you are interested.



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Hello Matt, are you looking for fulfillment from China? I work with a company called boxc they run an amazing pick, pack, and ship to customer business out of Shenzhen.  Their rates are excellent, their shipping times also, everything trackable, mainline into USA but ship globally for me an they can plug into Shopify for automated fullfillment.

How big are your items? Ship weight /vol? 

Drop me an email if you want some more info and an intro.


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Hi Matt!

We've had less people come to us from fulfillment.com than several other fulfillment centers, so they may well be a good choice for you. 

Full disclosure, I work for a fulfillment center (ShipMonk), and I think we're pretty great. But to be totally honest, it really depends entirely on your needs. 

If you're shipping small products that turn over very quickly and selling entirely through Amazon, then you may well want to go with FBA. If you have a lot of oversized products (that won't fit in, say, a 12"-cube) that weigh a bit more, you'll need custom help. 

At the end of the day, it comes down to what you're shipping, where you're shipping it to, and what level of service you need. If you truly don't need anything -- as in anything -- service wise, then you might as well go with the biggest player who can give you the best rates. But as you indicated, you might have larger products and thus need a bit more personalized attention. 

Anyway, I strongly recommend speaking with all these companies directly and seeing what they bring to the table. Fulfillment is such a big decision, and you don't want to make your selection on a whim. Good luck!

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Hey Matt!

I actually work at a company called EasyPost that does fulfillment for ecommerce specifically. We offer one low, flat rate that is based off of the weight of your package, and there are no other fees (no storage fees, pick/pack fees, receiving fees, etc).

Our rates are really competitive, and we have full integrations built out for many ecommerce platforms. If this is something you may be interested in or would like to discuss further, feel free to shoot me an email at easypost001@gmail.com

Hope I could be of help!

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Hi Matt,

The company I work for is a 30 year old company in Dallas, TX.  Because we fulfill in large volumes, we would be able to get you a shipping discount that normally lower volume stores could not get on their own.  Plus, you provide the product and we can do all of the packing and shipping for you.  If this is something you may be interested in, please feel free to email me at: themarket100@gmail.com for more details, and if you are interested, we can set up a call. If you would like to try us out, we could arrange for no fulfillment fees, you just pay the shipping at a discounted rate, we do the rest.  Also, if you need assistance with product sourcing, we have many overseas connections to help assist you in that as well.


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Do not choose BoxC!!! as your fulfilment partner! We have been working with them for a few months & as it turns out, they are more dodgy then the Chinese warehouses they're running! We have US$3000 in missing stock! Multiple emails and calls have been left unanswered! Calling the "office" in New York is leading to an answering machine without any replies nor response to our email request! This is a very fishy company and we do not recommend you waste your money or products on them! On top of all that, we constantly being charged larger amounts without getting any detailed information of what has been charged for exactly what "Service"!!! We constantly have to top up our account with money! If we don't do that, all our stock is being set to ZERO! Lacking in response! Overcharging without detailed explanation! Your stock will go missing! Absolute disappointed with these jocks! WARNING! THESE ARE CROCKS!