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We are a startup business looking for fullfilment center in China to send our goods to international customers.

So far it's been several months of researching without much luck. Most of the fullfilment centers either seems to have bad reviews, don't answer or they only accept customers with big volumes of orders. We want somebody who can store, pick/pack and ship+API integration with shopify.

Easy communication is important!


Anybody have any good/bad experiences? 

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Hi Miriam , 

We are a dropshipping and fulfilment team from China. We can help with storage, picking/packing/shipping and API integration with Shopify. Most importantly, communication will be easy as our team consists of members not only from China, but also from Singapore. Check us out at https://www.xianchaologistics.com/ and drop me a message anytime. 


Xianchao logistics co.