General profile not working and "Shipping not available" at checkout

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Hello everyone,


I set free shipping to my store, but when I go to the checkout, the following message shows up:


Shipping not available Your order cannot be shipped to the selected address. Review your address to ensure it's correct and try again, or select a different address.


I am using a real address and it looks like the information was filled correctly, no alerts regarding address, name or too many characters etc. are showing up.


I couldn't use the General Profile to set free shipping, there is no option to edit the zone or rate available. So, I created a new profile for free shipping to the US (I'm only selling to the US) and set it up on Printify. It didn't work (I tried on Chrome, Safari and incognito).


So, why my General Profile is not working and why I am getting the "shipping not available" message at the checkout? How do I fix it?


My store is

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Hello @Adriana00 ,


It is very strange to see that you do not have an option to edit the General Profile to edit the zone or rate.


When you create an additional Shipping profile, you have to add the product to the shipping profile which is applicable for the shipping profiles. By default, all the products will be considered as part of the General Shipping profile. Since you cannot edit the General profile, you will not be able to make the necessary changes to configure the Shipping correctly.


This is not a common issue I have seen. You have to contact Shopify Support to resolve the issue.

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