Generate shipping labels so that customers can ship to me (they're sending me watches to repair)

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I have a business selling and repairing watches.  I need help with generating shipping labels for my repair business.  Basically I need to generate labels from the customer to me.  


How my repair business works now is:

  1. A customer contacts me through a contact form on my site.
  2. I manually generate a FedEx label for the customer through my FedEx account on the FedEx site.  The label has the customer as the sender and me as the recipient.
  3. I then manually email a link to that label to the customer.  


Is there any sort of app that can help automate this?  I'd like it to work like this: I get the message from a contact form and I can generate and send that customer a label directly from my Shopify backend.  All the shipping label apps I've seen will only generate a label with me as the sender and the customer as the recipient, unless it is a return.  


Also, I am not married to FedEx.  It seems that Shopify works more closely with UPS, and I'm fine with using UPS if that is easier.  As another side note, I do not need insurance for this label.  I have another type of shipping insurance.  Thanks. 

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Indeed, you can manually generate return shipping labels in Shopify. From the Admin panel, you need to go to Orders, choose the order you want to generate a label for, and click on More Actions. There you will have the option to Create Return Label.


If you're looking for ways to automate this process, WeSupply can help. You can easily generate on-demand return shipping labels automatically from the portal immediately after a customer submits a return.


See how you can create a self-service returns portal using WeSupply to save yourself precious time! Hope this reply helps. 🙂


How to Generate Return Shipping Labels?


P.S. You can also automatically generate QR code return shipping labels.

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