Google, Apple, Amazon Pay fees

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Hi, if a customer of mine checks out and pays using Apple, Google, or Amazon pay, am I charged any fees at all?
Would the fees still be the same fees related to the Shopify payment and my account type, or just be zero as these services do not charge fees as I understand it? 

I might as well ask about PayPal payment fees too, even though I am pretty sure that they do charge.

Many thanks

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I'm curious about this as well. If I understood a recent email correctly there will be additional transaction fees charged by Shopify for accepting Amazon Pay and Apple Pay starting later this week, but not paypal. Is this correct?

I'm really hoping I misunderstood because this feels like a really unfortunate decision during tough economic times to be hurting your stores and forcing them to either discontinue payment options for their customers leading to potentially less sales or forcing us to pay more than we can afford with the other inflationary expenses we're already absorbing.