Google Pay - Could not select that shipping address, please try again.

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I seem to be having a problem where customers cannot checkout using Google Pay. When they select an address the following error is displayed on the bottom of the window: "Could not select that shipping address, please try again."

Screenshot 2021-08-01 at 10.15.45.png


I have reset everything to be one simple flat rate and ensured that my zones are set up correctly. Everything works with Shopify Payments but there is some that seems to be preventing Google Pay from retrieving the shipping zone and rate from Shopify.

I have tried other suggestions like not making phone numbers required. Has anyone else had this problem?

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Hi, I'm having the same problem at the moment, and when I try to add the address manually rather than choosing the available option, I get the 'unknown server error' message.

Its driving me nuts, so I'm hoping someone is going to be able to answer this one on here.

Manual payments works fine. It just appears to be Google Pay.