Goup of postal codes no longer working with an asterisk

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I operate in Poland where postal codes look like this: 00-000


I have been using for 1 year the asterisk to cover big ranges like 30-0* (to include all postal codes like 30-010, or 30-098, etc.). Now it turned out, from a returning customer, that her postal code is no longer accepted (she has already placed successfully orders in the past).


I have done a few checks and I noticed that the check out works only I put the precise postal code, whenever I add an asterisk, it doens't work.

She has postal code 30-298.  I have tried 30-2* (no working), 30-29* (no working), 30-298 (working).


I want to specify that I haven't changed anything for 1 year, and it's been working for all the time. Only now this problem is coming up.


Could you please help me solve the issue?

Thank you

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