Happens Daily - This order's address couldn't be verified.

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For the past few months we have been getting false notices that "This order's address couldn't be verified." 

We ship USPS and when checking the address directly with USPS using their https://tools.usps.com/zip-code-lookup.htm?byaddress

the address is always correct. This happens with PO Boxes and Puerto Rico addresses but also happens with other addresses. We call a lot of these customers saying we are having trouble validating your shipping address and 9 out of 10 they say we get shipments to that address all the time, it is correct, so I then go to USPS direct and sure enough the address is perfect. Even copying and pasting from USPS validation back to shopify we still get the same "This order's address couldn't be verified." 

What is going on lately with the address validation feature? Anyone else having this issue? 


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Same here. 

Mostly for Puerto Rico and international addresses. Would love some help on this as well! 

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Same for me,

But the situation is more than the shipping label, because other new apps need the address for correct functioning.

This is an old situation. When Shopify correct that? 

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me too.  this makes things very difficult.  now i have to go to the post office an input all the unverified addresses.  there should be a way to override the warning.  

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Yup, same problem here. Our store is based out of Puerto Rico as well as the majority of our clientele. As you can imagine, most addresses come up as Unverified, including PO Boxes at USPS locations (grrr). 


I've reported the problem several times to Shopify, so here's one more. Right now, they are blaming Google though Google can verify street addresses and USPS shows that the addresses are correct as well. 


My guess is that Shopify is hard coding the Google API to only validate addresses in the mainland USA. This should be straightforward to fix by Shopify. Just need to create more noise and get it escalated to the development team. 

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Same problem here! I can't even validate a store's address for local delivery. Please fix this ASAP! 

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