Has anyone experienced issues with Evri Shipper service?

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Hiya guys,


So Evri have lost a parcel... Brilliant!


I've taken it up with them and they are saying that I need to contact "shipper" as they are regarded as the carrier for the service. Has anybody heard of shipper? do you have details on how to contact them at all or am I being fobbed off?




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Shopify Staff
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Hey there!


Sorry to hear you've lost a package with Evri, this usually isn't a great experience but we'll be sure to help you with this. If you had purchased the label through Shopify, reach out through our live chat here.


Our team will then file a claim for you through Evri and hopefully get this all resolved as quickly as possible. If you purchased the label through a third party app, you might need to speak with them to file the claim but it would be best to reach out to our team so we can confirm this for you.


Hope this helps!


- Koky 😎

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