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  • Ok brains trust. I'm stuck and need help with having different shipping options and rates using my 3rd party shipping app.


I am using Interparcel for our shipping and have installed their app. Inside the app I have set up my shipping rules for different products and postcodes. Some examples of these are:


1. If "product A" is ordered within "postcode group A" then charge shipping and show our selected choice of couriers. This option is working fine.


2. If "product A" is ordered within "postcode group B" then make shipping free. This is not working.


It works inside the app but Shopify is overriding this rule and replacing it with the Shopify backup shipping rates (Sendle) instead of showing "free shipping"


How can I stop this? I want to have it so that if the conditions are met for example 2, the cart shows free shipping.


I can't see a way to to remove Shopify/Sendle. The only option it gives is to create a new rule or zone. I have experimented with these by value and by weight but I can't get them to work.


When I apply any of these conditions and try to checkout using a postcode from my free shipping rule (set in the Interparcel app), I can't checkout. The error message says something like "shipping is not available for this address".


Is there a workaround for this?


Cheers 😊




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Hello @Rudij47 


Do you need only free shipping by post code? Does your shipping depend on any third party carrier service? 


Can you please checkout with this app: https://apps.shopify.com/shipping-based-on-zipcode?


It has option to have free hipping with certain products(specific, by tag, type, etc..) with zip codes as well. 


As i know shipping scenarios is complex to setup, so i can not display all result(screenshots) here. but app have live chat support, you can connect to app support and try if this help to you.