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Help adding FasterPay payment gateway integration

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Hello I just signed up with FasterPay (pending approval). Meanwhile, I need help preparing what is needed. 

I followed the first step prerequisites: installing FasterPay as payments, and including the API Keys. I'm stuck on the other prerequisites: 

1) Pingback Tool - What to add? Where do I find my Pingback URL on Shopify? (See image)

2) Pingback tool.PNG








2) Pingback URL (Live & Test mode): I just copied what they included in their Guide Here: (please see image)

3) Pingback URL.PNG








3) Step 5 in the guide is to add Delivery confirmation webhooks. here:

and then step 6 shows go live. I'm confused as I found another GUIDE page on their site listing how to Integrate Checkout Page Here: ... does that have to be done? or is that for other non-Shopify platforms?

If yes, where do I paste the redirect codes? which to use PHP, Python, Node etc..


Thank you.






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