Help! How do I change ALL parts of my store to grams?

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I just don't understand how the shipping measurements work.  I see the option to change to metric-grams in the Settings/General area, but can't figure out how to then change the shipping tiers or the weight of an item.  When I go to the shipping tiers "edit" it continues to show pounds. If I try to "add" a new shipping tier it also shows pounds.  Someone else must have figured this out, yes?

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Hi Dorothy,

Kevin here - a Shopify Guru 🙂

You're on the right track here!

So in Settings > General > Standards and formats you'll need to change the Unit System and the Default weight unit and save it:

Any Shipping rates which you have set up will then be converted to Metric and will appear as kilograms (kg).

I hope this helps Dorothy, if you need some more help, let me know!

Kevin | Shopify Guru

Kevin | Shopify 
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Hello Kevin


I have followed your instructions above but would still prefer the metric conversion to display in grams. Is there no way to change the shipping zone to display as gms? 



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Hi there Moa!

Don here from Shopify!

While you can change your store's measurement systems from imperial to metric in the general settings menu; it's not actually possible to change from kg to g in your shipping rates.

Not to worry, as you can simply convert your weights in grams to weights in kg.

A 325g package would be 0.325kg and so on. 🙂

All the best!


Don | Social Care @ Shopify 
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I'd like to change the weight measurement to oz. but when I do that in general settings it doesn't carry over to individual products.  Help! Denise

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 I found that once you have changed your metrics in the settings, you can go back to the shipping setting and it will change to grams or oz, or whatever you saved as your weight measurement in the general settings. All you have to do is

Step 1: Go to the shipping zone you wish to change.

Step 2: Click on the 3 dots on the right which will open up a drop-down menu. Click on edit rate.

Step 3: Click on remove conditions. This removes the options for weight-based shipping. 

Step 4: Click on done. 

Step 5: Go back to the zone that you just edited by removing weight-based conditions. Click Edit rate and this will open up the options for you to enter your weight in your new metric that you save under setting earlier.


Hope this works for you!

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Hey I need further assistance please. Although I selected the metric system. However my Shopify store is displaying the imperial system. I did the process for a few times, but the system on front end is refusing to display a metric system. Please advise. Thanks a lot !


Hashem Hourani

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THANK YOU!! This has saved my sanity!!!

Fiona 🙂

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Apologies for opening an old thread, but this is an issue I'm experiencing.

My store is set to metric. Kg by default.

I've come to create a completely new shipping profile, on adding the first rate, the weight is in lb. 

Any ideas why?



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I'm having a similar issue, did you manage to figure out how to fix it?


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Oh I had that too!

I set my store to imperial, however when I want to create new profile for shipping rates, it still shows me in kg rather in lb.

I guess the solution for now is converting it by yourself? Instead of typing 1 kg (which is not correct), I need to convert it myself from google to 0,5 kg = 1 lb.

Hopefully there's answer for this soon.... don't want my customers get confuse by this ahahah