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Our website has different sizes and weights of furniture pieces, i would like to know if someone can help in establishing the rates for shipping based on below 

home decor items: small weight 

large furniture items: big weight


and delivery options based on delivery only or delivery and installation 


and then to calculate by distance from main warehouse 


Shall that be applicable?  

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Hi Ahsan,

Unfortunately, folks have been trying to get Shopify to add some functionality on shipping options for a long time...and they seem unwilling or unable to provide for more than one dimensional weight option. You can see this post with a year's worth of requests. 


If you have flat rates for delivery and installation, though, you could set them up as product variants, rather than using the shipping. You would set this up with each product. For example, you could create your product for piece of furniture for $500. Then you could create a product variant (option) that includes delivery for $575, and a second variant that includes delivery and installation for $650. 


You'd definitely have to get an app for anything more difficult like calculating distance from the warehouse or variable delivery/installation options. 


Good luck.