HELP! Issue for customers trying to pay with Paypal.

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I have recently opened my first Shopify store and added all the payment methods exactly as I was supposed to. However, when customers have been trying to check out with Paypal, it is taking them to the last step then redirecting with an error code declining the sale and payment method.

I have been in contact with Paypal about the issue but they seem to think it's on Shopify's end, however finding anyone to talk to from Shopify to help is next to impossible and extremely frustrating. 

I have deactivated the Paypal and reactivated numerous times. I have tried it in an incognito window, I have used/activated a family members Paypal account instead and also used my alternate Paypal account but the problem still persists regardless. I have trawled the community boards and tried all suggestions I have found and nothing has worked.

The error code I am getting is: We're sorry we can't complete your purchase right now. 

My customers and I am in Australia and using Paypal Aus, the country selected is correct in my settings and currency all being Australian. The other Credit card methods all go through fine.

The url is:


Please find below the screens of the issue. I appreciate any help.


First goes to this step.First goes to this step.  Then redirects to here.Then redirects to here.

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