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Hi everyone! 

So my business is based in Pakistan and the UK. Since there are virtually no payment options available in Pakistan I wanted to know is it possible for me to use my UK address to be able to use PayPal and Stripe as 2 payment options? Technically, I wouldn't be doing anything wrong since I am based in both countries. If it is possible please guide me as to how I can do this because whenever I go to payment options it lists all of them as "Unavailable in your country". Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. 


Thank You So Much!

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In most cases, you will need to use payment providers available or the region you live in. However; if your business is licensed and operates out of another country, and you can prove as such, then you may be able to use payment providers available for that country. 

In your case, Stripe would not be available in the UK as Shopify Payments is available for UK merchants. To request to use Shopify Payments UK, you would need the following: 

  • Full checking account (in the UK it's known as a "current account") located in the UK with a UK financial institution.
  • Government-issued ID (non-UK ID may be accepted)
  • Utility bill for the UK 
  • Business registration proving the business operates in the UK

If you have all the required documents then our teams can review your request to use Shopify Payments. Providing all the documents does not guarantee that we'll be able to provide Shopify Payments. 

If you wish to use a third-party payment provider such as Paypal, then you would need to contact them directly to discuss what they would require in order to use their payment services. 

In order to access payment providers for the UK, you will need to update your address in Settings/General to your UK address. 

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