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I am about to make the switch from to Shopify shipping.  I ship a lot of different items in the same size boxes.  Creating a package weight and dimension for each type of product I am shipping would save me a ton of time but it appears that I can only use each package dimensions once.

For example, I have a 6x6x12 package that weighs 8lbs.  And I also have a 6x6x12 package that weighs 4lbs.  When I try to "Add a Package" for each of those, using a different package name and weight,  I get an error on the 2nd one telling me "A Package With Those Dimensions Already Exists", even though I named it something different.


Surely Shopify didn't miss this.  Is there something I am missing? 

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Hi @Cary_Silverman,


We have customers selling all kinds of goods with multiple box sizes on Shopify that are using our Dimensional Shipping feature to get more accurate rates and protect their margins. ShipperHQ lets you define box sizes, assign products to specific boxes, set capacity limits, ship items separately, account for extra packaging weight, and much more. 


You can get in touch with our sales team, and they would be happy to discuss further! Or you can sign up for a free 30-day trial and see how ShipperHQ works for your business.

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So, in order to do something as simple as listing the same box sizes with different products, so I don't have to change anything when I ship, I have to pay extra for that convenience? 


Your packaging options are saved by box size, whereas I cannot use the same box size twice.  Why doesn't Shopify change the variables on this to save the packaging option by NAME, instead of SIZE?  That way I can use the 6x6x12 box for the 4 different products I use to ship in that box by naming each 6x6x12 box with the name of the product.


This is almost as dumb as when you guys removed the option to inform the customer why we were issuing a refund.  Yes, I can notify the customer that they received a refund, but I can no longer tell them why unless I send them a separate email.  Removal of that feature made as much sense as you guys not letting me create multiple packages with the same box size.


Look, I appreciate your response, but clearly Shopify doesn't listen to its customers.  I am not going to pay a 3rd party to do for me what you guys should be doing.  I will just change the weight each time manually, which is incredibly stupid.

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Crickets from Shopify.


I guess if I was a company based in China selling fake items to purposely rip consumers off, Shopfiy would jump through hoops to sell me multiple websites and fall in line to help me steal from people.

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Hi Cary,

I just saw your question on here and was wondering if you've found a better solution since?

I, too are in a similar situation as you and have the same shipping needs on my store.

Thank you!

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YIKES just setting up, what a crazy issue,  especially when you name it  So what I did and it was accepted was added .1 

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Adding boxes with the same dimensions is not possible in Shopify packages. One of the workarounds you can try is to add the dimensions as 6x6x12 for one box, and add 6.1x6x12 for the next, and so on. You can make a minor addition for any of the values so that the box can be saved. I hope this won’t make much difference in the shipping costs and might solve the issue in most cases. 

If this does not work, you will have to use an app like our Multi-Carrier Shipping Label app that helps you add any number of boxes based on your product weight & dimensions. The app will then choose the right box based on what your customer orders with the box packing algorithm.

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