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Help please. Based in Thailand, selling internationally.

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I'm setting up my store based in Thailand using a Thai bank account but I will be selling internationally, mainly to the US, Canada, UK, and Australia. I've set my store native currency to USD and will probably be collecting in USD only. However, a Shopify guru told me that Shopify Payment Gateway is not available to Thailand and suggested using Stripe instead.

Is this true? I've linked my account to a Thai bank account but it didn't notify me anything regarding not supporting Thai bank accounts.

Also, I'm looking into using the PayPal Express came default when opening up the store and international transaction fee for Thailand is as high as 4.4%+0.3usd, will there be any extra charge apart from this? Or is they anyway to go around this fee as I will be collecting in USD only?

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Hi, Pratchaya!

Mel here, with Shopify. Thanks for reaching out. As you are based in Thailand, Shopify Payments would not be currently available. Shopify Payments is only available in The US, AUS, NZ, Canada, UK, and Ireland. However, you do have a range of payment gateways that integrate into your store for your location. You can check that out here. 

When you choose to use a third party payment provider, like Stripe, what happens is we will charge you a transaction fee on every order that comes in, this would also be dependant on the plan you are on. So, for example, if you are on the Shopify  Basic plan it would be 2%. 

With that, the payment provider you choose, so in this case Stripe, will likely charge you a credit card rate as well. As this payment provider is outside of Shopify, we would be unable to confirm how much they would charge, however, reaching out to them directly will help you find that out. It would, for example, be a percentage with a fixed amount like you mentioned in your post: 4.4%+ 30c 

When an order is placed on your store with those above figures as an example would then be, 4.4%+ 30c (fee from Stripe) and then 2% (Shopify Transaction fee) for an order placed on your store. 

Hope this information helps! You can reach out to the Guru team if you have any questions.

Have a great day!

Melissa | Shopify Guru

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Hi, Pratchaya

Yes, you can charge clients credit cards in USD and target those countires.

I've helped many clients in Thailand set up payment gateway for free and only charge in some cases.

I'm Shopify official partner in Thailand and I'm very pleased to help you.

Please add my Whatsapp business +66815736943 and get my free services.

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Now you can use this payment gateways in Thailand as detailed below.

1. eGHL

2. 2Checkout

3. Online banking

4. Alipay

5. Paypal express checkout.


For 1 & 2 I'm official partner with them that provide set up service but I can set up Omise, Online banking and Alipay too.

WhatsApp business/T: +6681 573 6943 Shopify, eGHL, 2Checkout official Partner. And many Apps Partner. Email:, Line Business ID: @jadecommerce (have @ in front of my name)
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Hi, I'm just start to sell product internationally. Could you please give me a suggestion on 2checkout payment gateway. I have connected the Shopify to 2checkout according to Shopify suggestion. But I am not sure how to activate 2checkout account in some process. Help me please.  

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Hello Pratchaya, the best way to sell internationally with Shopify is to use payement gateway like Stripe. Although Stripe is not supported in Thailand. But you can use Incorpuk to launch your UK Company and gain access to Stripe in order to sell internationally from Thailand.

Https:// provides everything you need to use Stripe from Thailand and sell internationally on your Shopify store or any other business as you can use your Stripe account for multiple businesses or stores. 

You can search Incorpuk on Google and also contact their customer support if you have any questions. 


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I operate a shop from Thailand and sell internationally.

As Shopify Payments is not available in Thailand, I need a complete cart solution that would keep the currency from the website in the cart and enable people to pay in their currency. Are there any solutions to achieve this? Thanks

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Can someone help my 2checkout account verified 

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Can you help in getting my 2checkout account verified. I am based in Thailand