Help with Shipping Set up (Under 1 pound) (Over 1 Pound)

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I want to set up my shipping profile so that if the total weight of the package is less than 1 pound, then the buyer can choose between Ground Advantage and Priority Mail.


If the weight is over 1 pound, then the only option is priority.  


Is there any way to set this up?


Thank you!

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Hey there! You should be able to do this using shipping rates. Shopify has a helpful guide here: Shopify Help Center | Shipping rates

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Set up weight-based flat rate shipping for both Ground Advantage and Priority.


Ground Advantage:
- 0-1kg: Shipping cost: $X


- 0-1kg: Shipping cost: $X
- 1-10kg: Shipping cost: $Y


When the weight exceeds 1kg, only the Priority option will be available at checkout.

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