Help with shipping zones and options for an individual product

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Hi all,


We're a chocolate company (yum). We have a couple dozen products on our site. We have our main shipping profile split into 2 shipping zones: 1 zone has options for ground/free/expedited shipping; and the other zone DOESN'T have ground nor free shipping options (expedited only). We have one product that we'd like to offer free/ground shipping for if it is the only item in the checkout cart and even if it's shipping zone is the one that DOESN'T have a free/ground shipping option. 


I tried to create a 2nd shipping profile and carve out this product into there but that results in doubling up ground shipping prices when there's other items in the checkout besides the product in question. 


Please let me know if I've haven't explained the above clearly.


Really appreciate any thoughts, work-arounds and help with figuring out an option to have free/ground shipping for this product. 




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