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High risk of fraud detected

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Hello Shopify Community , 

Lately i had an order from a Customer and that was written High risk of fraud detected.

Every dot was green except this one : Characteristics of this order are similar to fraudulent orders observed in the past.

So i decided to email the customer. 

With the customer everything was fine , we exchange by email about this issues and for my part i didn't see nothing wrong

( the order is :

  • 1 × Long Sleeve Chic Shirt - Lavender / S 
  • 1 × Oversized Tie Dye Sweatshirt - Gray / S 
  • 1 × French Style Elegant Long Sleeve - Black / S 
  • 1 × Long Sleeve Bodycon - Black / S 
  • 1 × Boho Long Dress - blue / S 
  • 3 × Natural Tiger Eye's Stone 

So nothing to worried about ) 

So i process the order (i do dropshipping so i have a account with ali express so everything from the drop shipping i had to pay for the customer and after i'm waiting for the payout to be done from Shopify) 


But the problem is the order is already made and already ship from the manufacture , i had to pay for the drop shipping ... but now i have a chargebacks from you guys ... 

But i paid from my own pocket the order on my dropshipping account. 


So what we going to do exactly about that ? how to i get refund or have my money back because i already did the shipment ... 


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Hi, @estrellaluna

I'm sorry to hear that you're currently facing a chargeback dispute. Chargebacks are never easy situations, especially when the money and the product may be lost. Sadly, they are a reality of operating an online business, though it does sound like you took the right steps to try and avoid a fraudulent order. 

When you receive an order, and it is flagged as high risk, it would be up to the business owner to determine if the risk is worth taking. As a chargeback has been opened, the funds have automatically been deducted from your account, along with a chargeback fee (assuming you are using Shopify Payments). The best thing you can do from here is supply as much evidence as you can to the banks to help dispute the chargeback; however, in the end, it is up to the banks to determine who they favour as Shopify does not have a hand in the dispute process. 

In the event that you lose the chargeback, then I'm afraid you would be out both the funds of the order and the product. As unfortunate as the situation is; it does help lay a new learning path to help avoid these types of situations in the future. I'd recommend reviewing our help documents here on the chargeback process, and our fraud prevention document here to help reduce the chances of fraudulent orders being placed on your store. 

It's important to note that you do not want to refund the order. Refunding an order that has an open chargeback dispute will result in losing double the amount (the original payment, and the chargeback withdrawal). 

Let me know if you have any questions. 

Trevor | Community Moderator @ Shopify
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Hi @estrellaluna 

You want to dispute the case and provide as much evidence as you can to the payment provider. Proof of shipment and delivery and email conversations that indicated they have made the purchase.

You did the right thing by emailing the customer, but what did you actually say when you sent the email to the customer and how did the customer responded that made you think the order was ok to process?

Although the chances of you getting your money back are low, try to make sure the customer will not be able to make another purchase in your store again.

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##- I had a phone number to call the client and i spoke with the client and
make sure everything is ok -##