High Risk Order Cancelled From a Reseller Delievering To A Freight Forwarder - How To Proceed?

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Had a flagged high risk order for $500 cancelled and refunded by my fraud app and i got stuck eating the processing fee.  I reached out to the person who ordered and they said they are a reseller and shipping to a forwarder in Oregon.  I asked for ID and a copy of credit card.  Would you even bother dealing with this order? Is it too high risk?  Am i taking right steps to verify? Can i have customer sign an agreement to no chargebacks?

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If possible, consider switching to manual payment capture. That way you have some time to verify customers before capturing the charge on their card, so you can avoid processing fees if they fail to provide additional documentation or it's clearly a fraudulent order.

Here's a guide to understanding the difference between manual and automatic charges, and how switching to manual processing saves you on these processing fees:



Additionally do not ask your customers for photos of their credit cards. This is against PCI compliance. Shopify never exposes you to your customer's full credit card numbers, this is on purpose. There are strict security requirements to handling credit card numbers directly. 

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