How can a customer pay for multiple shipping boxes?

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We have pre packaged items in our store that are in flat rate shipping boxes. When a customer purchases multiple items it only charges for the shipping of one. How can we fix this so the customer is paying for each shipped box? 


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I'm am having the same problem. I hope we get a answer. I've watched every youtube video etc..

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To ensure that customers are charged for each shipped box when purchasing multiple items, you can set up your shipping settings in Shopify accordingly. Here's how you can fix this issue:

1. In your Shopify admin, go to "Settings" and select "Shipping and delivery" or "Shipping."

2. Under the "Shipping rates" section, click on "Manage rates" or "Edit rates."

3. Find the shipping profile or method that corresponds to your flat rate shipping boxes.

4. Within that shipping profile, locate the "Shipping to" section and click on "Add rate."

5. Set up a new shipping rate for each additional box. For example, if the initial rate covers one box, you can create additional rates for each extra box at an increased cost.

6. Specify the conditions for the additional rates, such as weight, quantity, or price. You can set the conditions based on the number of items in the order.

7. Save the changes to update your shipping rates.

By creating separate shipping rates for each additional box, Shopify will charge customers accordingly when they purchase multiple items that require multiple shipping boxes.

Make sure to test the checkout process by placing a test order with multiple items to verify that the shipping charges are calculated correctly.

If you encounter any difficulties or have specific requirements, I recommend reaching out to Shopify Support for further assistance. They can guide you through the process and help you customize your shipping settings based on your store's unique needs.

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Thanks for the response. I'm not seeing a quantity option that you mention in step 6. Only options for weight and price.