How can I accept payments in Kenya with limited options?

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I'm operating my business in Kenya and I can only accept Visa MasterCard and Apple Pay. There are no payment options available in my region so my checkout for my store doesn't work what should I do? 


I created a Paypal business account but u don't think it's working. Are there any solutions for this too? 

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Shopify Partner
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Hi Rosy,


I'm Kuzi, a Shopify Expert in Kenya. There are several ways to integrate third-party payment providers in Kenya.


If you aim to serve the Kenya market then mobile money integration is key. Services like M-Pesa and Airtel Money can be accessed by integrating a provider like Pesapal or Direct Pay Online


The basic steps are to sign up with one provider, or even both (in case of redundancy), integrate their gateway and you are good to accept a host of international cards and mobile money payments.


Does this information help you? You can dm with any specific questions, I'm always happy to help.