How can I achieve third party fulfillment and shipment for on-demand printing?

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Hi! i'm building a store for a client who wants to sell Hodies, shirts and bests.

They want to print them on-demand and they already have a printing company hired. (The printing can't be personlaized, they have they models set up)

They don't want to do the shipping or order fulfillment

How can i achive this? would Custom order preparation work?

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Welcome to the Shopify Community! To clarify, your client has hired a printing company, does this printing company work with Shopify already - through an app integration perhaps, such as Printful

If not, then the only option available through the natural Shopify settings will be to setup a custom fulfillment service. Essentially, once an order is fulfilled, it will send an automatic email to their supplier (in this case, the printing company) that contains all of the order details. The supplier can then fulfill the request and ship the order directly to the customer. 

Someone (the client) will still need to manage the orders in the Shopify Admin. 

If they require a more complex integration than this with their supplier, they'll need to hire a developer or Shopify Expert to build something custom. 

Let us know if you have any further questions. 

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