How can I add a zone number field in my checkout process?

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When clients enter details in my checkout, there is no field to enter postcode. I contacted Shopify support directly but they somehow don't know how to fix it. 


My store is based in Qatar and one answer I got that it is disabled in Qatar because we don't have postcodes here. But we do have zone numbers so I would like to have this field and rename it to zone number and use it with 3rd party apps to calculate delivery charge based on zone area. 


My shop is


There is shop in Qatar from Shopify that does have zone number in their checkout, but Shopify support doesn't know how they achieved it. The shop is


So it is possible to have zone number field in checkout, but how?


Thank you for answer in advance.

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Hello @capprica ,


Shopify Checkout customization is possible only with the Shopify Plus plan, which is not affordable for small merchants. The site you are referring to may have done the same.

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Hello Mirdas,

Thank you for your reply. I understand it but postcode is an universal part of address all over the world so it should be there as default for anyone. Thats what I was discussed with Shopify Support too but they say they will submit it to developers team, that I why I am looking for another solution.