How can I add an extra button to my product page?

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Hi, Good day!

We would like to add another button in our product page.


Just under "Buy it Now" and just incase I want to modify the button label/text, what section should I go? 


Thank you!

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It is recommended that the button keep the shopping cart, and all others are removed. It is recommended to add a payment security logo, and the variant is changed to the button selection without a drop-down

Dropshipping solution
Give a try to Shopify APP:
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Hello sir/ma'am,

We would like to add a button as a option for our customer.

The one the we have is to buy the item by full payment.

We would like to add a button as option for monthly payment(if that's what the customer wants). 


Buy it now -> clicking this button for full payment for the item

Monthly Term ->clicking this button for monthly payment for the item


This is what we want.

Is it possible?