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How can I add SKU or select specific packaging on shipping labels?

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I understand that shipping labels are formatted by the carriers. I have seen other shipping sites put small amounts of info on their USPS approved labels. How do I get a SKU on the label? or how do I select a specific packaging per a specific product?

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Hello @harfordhandyman ,


Typically, domestic carriers do not provide the capability to include SKU and product details on their shipment labels. However, for international shipments, the commercial invoice will include the necessary product details.


To address this, you can utilize packing slips.


While Shopify shipping does not offer the specific feature to select a package per product, you can still choose the appropriate packaging when generating the shipment.

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This is a cheap copout answer. Other USPS shipping companies have some info
similar to what I am asking on there labels. So your answer is wrong, also
you have an "advertisement" at the bottom of your label, so your anser is
borderline insulting. You can have an accurate weight (yours rounds to lbs,
instead of the detailed ounces) you can do this. Think about your answer
you are encouraging me to print more paper just so we can know what goes
into the box associated with that shipping label, WHAT A WASTE

Please help
Since I have seen and know that what I am asking for can be done. I will
leave shopify to get it, but I'd rather stay.
Dutch Stevens