How can I add tracking details to Axios for NodeJS fulfillments?

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I have issues to add the tracking details to our orders. For context, I use Axios for NodeJS and our store is located in Germany. In the documentation it says, that stores located in Germany can use "DHL" as an Tracking Company.


This is the body, I send to the fulfillment api:


  fulfillment: {
    location_id: 66274590909,
    tracking_numbers: [ '00340434738447217087' ],
    tracking_urls: [
    tracking_company: 'DHL',
    notify_customer: false,
    line_items_by_fulfillment_order: [ [Object] ]


I use arrays, because in some cases, there are more tracking details for the same order.


And this is the response:


  fulfillment: {
    status: 'success',
    created_at: '2024-03-06T14:16:11+01:00',
    service: 'manual',
    updated_at: '2024-03-06T14:16:11+01:00',
    tracking_company: null,
    shipment_status: null,
    location_id: 66274590909,
    origin_address: null,
    line_items: [ [Object] ],
    tracking_number: null,
    tracking_numbers: [],
    tracking_url: null,
    tracking_urls: [],
    receipt: {},


I also tried not adding the shipping company, as i provide the URL, but this also doesn't work. I also checked, that I have the necessary permissions. Can anyone help with that?

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