How can I assign different box sizes to various products?

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Is there a way to assign different box sizes to different products? We have a wide size variety of products and we either undercharge on the large boxes and loose a lot money, or we scare away all potential customers for small products with such a high shipping quote. We already have a hefty handling fee. 

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Hi @Username_45,


Shopify's default box sizes may not be optimal for all products, which can result in undercharging or overcharging for shipping. To address this issue, you can use a Shopify shipping app like the PH MultiCarrier Shipping Label app that offers advanced shipping features, such as the ability to assign custom box sizes to specific products.


By using this app you can set up custom box sizes for different products, and ensure that shipping rates are accurately calculated based on the actual size and weight of each item. This can help you avoid undercharging or overcharging for shipping, which can improve customer satisfaction and increase profitability.


Feel free to reach out for any queries regarding the PH MultiCarrier Shipping Label app. I will be happy to help! 

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How can this be a reasonable reply when this feature has been requested for YEARS? I don't want the headache and expense of another app...another login...another learning curve....

It we have to face the reality that this is not going to be a feature, for whatever inexplicable reason that a "quality" platform with the success and scalability that Shopify has won't do it, I would like a coherent explanation on how to set up the next best thing from WITHIN Shopify, not another app. How do we set up carrier calculated rates that account for WEIGHT and DIMENSION fro within Shopify? Would really like some input from a Shopify expert that does not include loading another app. 

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I second this. Crazy this is not a feature yet.

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How this is not a free feature just boggles the mind. I sell collectibles and size varies from a simple 8x6x6 box for a small item to a bigger 16x14x14 for helmets.