How can I assign shipping profiles to products efficiently?

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I was wondering if there were any plans to create a drop-down field in the product creation area of the Shopify Admin to select a shipping profile?


Along the same lines, is there a way that we could add a collection to a shipping profile and then have it apply equally to every item in that collection?


Currently, when you have multiple shipping profiles, it is extremely tedious to have to go in and change the profile on each separate product after you've created them. I carry 4 product lines and have 4 different shipping profiles. Having a way to select the profile as I create the product or just adding it to a collection that will automatically assign the profile would be much, much more time-effective.

- Dan.
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I wanted to bring this post back to life. It would be great if someone from the Shopify team would respond. This process as it stands today is screaming for improvement. Having the ability to select the shipping profile during product addition is the most efficient, common-sense method.


I have three different shipping profiles, so every time I add a product I have to stop, open up settings, go to the shipping section, select the shipping profile, click on Manage Products, find and select the item I just added, click Save, then back out of settings. Add the next product, then rinse and repeat. Does that seem like the best way to manage that process? It's also easy to forget, and as a result products end up in the wrong shipping profiles. As Dan mentioned in his post, either selecting the shipping profile when adding the product (preferred), or assigning collections to each profile, would be a major improvement.


I might be wrong, but it seems as though from a programming perspective this should be a relatively minor modification to implement. Again, it would be really nice if someone from the Shopify team could respond as to whether or not this is in the que, and if no, why not? It would be a very worthwhile improvement.

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I agree! It's such a tedious process! It would be fantastic if you could assign the right shipping profile right in the Product Organization panel when adding a new product. Any plans to implement this, Shopify?