How can I automate item fulfillment for specific products only?

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I want to Automate the " Fulfill items " for some specific products and not for all the products when an order is placed.

The solution i found was to turn on the 

After an order has been paid

  • Automatically fulfill the order‘s line items

In here every order that is paid will be marked as fulfilled. I don't want that to happen. Items should be marked fulfilled on for some products when the order is placed.


Thank you

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You can use Order Automator to do stuff like that, creating rules to perform actions, in this case for example you could have it auto fulfill products that have a certain tag, vendor, sku, part of a title, etc.


Another option, Shopify Flow seems like you could do this too.

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The way to do it in flow requires a custom API call:


We also have a workflow automation template for this that might be a little easier for you: