How can I calculate shipping costs based on dimensions in Australia?

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We sell car exhaust systems.   In cartons but the size ranges from 50cm - 1.8m in length.  Often we are charged dimensional weight by our freight partners.   This can easily be over 60kgs DWT when the carton only weighs 18kg.

Is there anything in Shopify that will allow me to put in my dimensions or the DWT volumetric weight to calculate shipping costs at checkout to the customer.

We cannot send through sendle or auspost etc so cannot use shopify for shipping 90% of our items.  

Most of the apps I have come across are USA based.  I need Australia wide shipping only.  

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Hi @exhaustfactory,


Both the Australia Post app and the PH MultiCarrier Shipping Label app offer support for product dimensions. These dimensions are utilized to calculate the volumetric weight and determine the appropriate packaging boxes. Additionally, both apps are designed to cater to shipments for Australia, extending their support to all major carriers operating in the country, such as Australia Post, FedEx, UPS, Sendle and more.


Feel free to reach out for further queries!

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Hi there our cartons are too large for Auspost to carry unfortunately.   Multicarrier shipping label I will look into but it seems to only really offer Fedex (TNT in Australia).  For others who may have a similar issue, I have managed to find some freight brokers in Australia for multi carrier couriers that are connecting to the Shopify platform.  Freight Exchange and KIS are 2 so far that I am now testing.    

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Hey mate, any update on how you got on with this? Im in a similar situation, trying to ship large flatpacked items. Thanks

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nope - I have for now put in a flat rate to metro areas.  
the only way is to integrate with a freight platform or freight broker then I think you can add things via metafields or pay for an integration/app.  If you solve it I would love to hear from you how you did it.  I know my freight broker was saying they had built an integration.  I just haven't had time to spend putting it together.  

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Hopefully you have come across a solution – if not, try our app Starshipit. You can add your products to our app (as well dimensions etc), and then set up custom margins and rules to cover your shipping costs.

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Hello @exhaustfactory and @habitatsathome 


Fare Freight is exactly what you need, we have customers in Australia who are in similar business like yours (4x4 Accessories). 

we where able to get them 100% the same rate as the shipping broker charges. 


see below, on left shipping broker cost, on right is what Shopify customers see at checkout



The App Allow you to Add Products Dimensions and package type (you could do it in bulk too)

Fare Freight.gif


Add your own shipping brokers/Companies details to get connected

Fare Freight Connect SHipping Broker.gif


Note, to get checkout question need to be on Shopify Plus, however if that's not the case for your items then it won't be an issue. 

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If the app is missing your shipping/broker just contact the team, they are pretty fast to integrate.