How can I calculate shipping costs based on weight or package size?

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Hi All 🙂


Can someone help save my hair before I pull it all out!!


I am trying to set up shipping costs so that it is calculated based on actual rates charged by Royal Mail (I am in the UK). When I try to set up the rates in Settings>Shipping & Delivery section, the only conditional pricing options are weight or price.


I was hoping to be able to charge my customers based on the total weight of the basket / or the size of the package, whichever is the greater. It seems a fair way to ensure the customer is paying for the postage and I don't over/under charge.


Has anyone found a way to set this up successfully (and cost effectively - I cannot afford to pay Shopify any more than the basic plan rate)??




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hi @Jed-RedFrog,


when using Shopify with the basic plan, your primary option is to set up weight-based flat rates for shipping.


Unfortunately, it may not be feasible to configure precise shipping rates for all regions due to the extensive Royal Mail rate chart, which makes it challenging to use Shopify's weight-based system accurately. However, you can establish approximate rates based on weight and various regions.


You may also consider using either the actual weight or the dimensional weight, whichever is higher, as the product weight, although this may not provide perfectly accurate rate estimates.


Lastly, if feasible, you could adjust the product price to account for potential shipping losses.

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Thanks for the reply Mirdas. Unfortunately, I need to take account of both weight and dimensions (ie, whether I am shipping a large letter size or small parcel).

Thanks for your suggestion, I'll see what I can come up with 🙂