How can I cancel a subscription I'm unaware of?

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On 10th of every month, amount is deducted from my account for a Shopify account which I am unaware of.
I do not know from which Shopify account this is getting deducted. I'm unable to contact the support as well from the free account that I have.
Please check the attachment. The “Get support” text is not clickable. 

Screenshot 2023-07-10 at 4.27.41 PM.png


How can I contact the support on a one-on-one basis?
Thank you. 
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Hi @createyourmatri 


Thanks for reaching out here for help.


I understand that you are seeing monthly charges on your account related to Shopify, but are unsure which Shopify account they are coming from. I'd be happy to explain how to proceed in this situation.


You mentioned that you do not know which account this amount is getting deducted for. You can use this tool here, and enter all known email addresses that the account could be using. It will email you a reminder of the store if one is connected to that email. If you have forgotten the password to the store, you can reset it and then login to the account in question.


You mentioned that you were having difficulty trying to contact our team for support. You should be able to log in to the store in question as explained above, then use this link here to contact our team. After selecting the store, you will need to choose the relevant support topics. 


Based on your screenshot it looks like you tried this and were unable to find any contact methods. Feel free to try choosing a different support topic/sub-topic and then check for the contact methods in the "Get Support" section of the results page. If you still experience issues with not seeing the contact options, then I would suggest clearing your browser cache & cookies, or even try using a different browser, device and internet connection.


Feel free to let me know how that goes, and if you are still experiencing problems trying to contact our team we can explore further troubleshooting steps.


Rick | Shopify 
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