How can I consolidate multiple shipping profiles in one order?

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I need to have multiple shipping profiles set up to handle different scenarios - some of our products can only ship domestically while others can ship internationally, subscription customers get free shipping on all orders while others get tiered shipping prices based on order size. If I use standard shipping profiles and I get an order that orders 1) a subscription item 2) a regular one-time item that can ship internationally and 3) a one-time item that can ship domestically, this order gets assigned 3 different shipping profiles. Is there any way that I can set up a "hierarchy" of shipping profiles to tell shopify that if an order contains any subscription item, for example, the entire order should get assigned to the subscription profile? 

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Not possible. If a buyer orders products from multiple shipping profiles, the shipping rates will be combined.

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Hi @TrueBotanicals ,

Unfortunately, this is not possible with Shopify natively. If you are interested in third party solutions, our app ShipMagic can handle this scenario. You can install the app and reach out to our support in case you wish to try the app.

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I used to run a store where we had different products from different vendors, and each location was adding a shipping charge to the customer.


We wanted to have a flat rate shipping charge, regardless of how many different vendors / locations of products an order contained.


There wasn't a way to do it with the Shopify settings, but we made a request to Shopify support and they were able to manually update that for us.


Not sure if that helps your situation, but it's an option, and might open the possibility for your situation to have them configure something manually for you.

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