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How can I correct the calculated shipping days for USPS/UPS?

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I'm using the Calculated shipping for USPS/UPS and when customers go to check out, it's auto-populated USPS First Class Package 2 Business days. USPS Priority Mail 1 business day. Which is incorrect. USPS First Class packages aren't 2 Business Days. Is there a way to change or fix these other than going the manual route and adding my own shipping rates?

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Hey, @dtrautz 


When it comes to automatic, calculated shipping rates, this information is automatically pulled directly through the shipping provider's service. So if you want to change the shipping information that is provided in the auto-population, you would instead want to opt for creating manual shipping rates to your liking.


I checked USPS website to confirm this and in their FAQ they state that the estimated delivery time is one (1) to three (3) days for First-Class Package Service. It's possible that they are taking the mean (2) and using that number in their calculation, which is why you are seeing it on your end. Additionally, the estimated delivery date begins on the date the package is postmarked.


If there is anything else I can help you with, please let me know.

Dirk | Social Care @ Shopify 
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I have the same issue where customers call in mad that USPS Priority Mail from WA to PA showed them "1 business day" under that shipping rate option they paid for thinking it would arrive in 1 business day.

(See attached upset customers screen shot of example) Shopify_shipping_issue.JPEG

There really should be a SIMPLE way to remove that "1 business day" and "2 business day" text but unfortunately THERE IS NOT.

The Shopify Help Pages are also NO help because they instruct one to use a "drop down" menu which does not exist. 

This is also not a new issue as you can see by doing a search but seems like when it comes to shipping, Shopify is lacking and does not seem to care to fix this issue as the help page describes. 

Either remove the language from the help page OR write the code so we can help avoid issues.   

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In checkout.liquid, try this. It's written using jquery but moving it to purely javascript shouldn't be a problem. 

    $(async function(){
      if(window.location.href.indexOf(`step=shipping_method`)>-1||$(`[data-shipping-method]`).length||$(`title`).text().indexOf(`Shipping`)>-1) {
        if ($(`[data-shipping-method]`).length) {
        let kpDSMcount=0;
        while (!$(`[data-shipping-method]`).length&&kpDSMcount<100) {
          await sleep(100);
        if ($(`[data-shipping-method]`).length) {
    function adjustShippingTransitTimes() {
        $(`[data-shipping-method-label-title]`).each(function() {
          const thisEl=$(this);
          const sEl=thisEl.find(`span.small-text`);
          const sText=sEl.text();
          if (sText.indexOf(`day`)>-1) {
            const textArr=sText.split(` `);
            const numDays=textArr[0];
            if(isNaN(numDays)) {
          const newStr=`${numDays} - ${+numDays+2} business days`;
    async function sleep(ms) {
      return new Promise(resolve => setTimeout(resolve, ms));

The output looks like this: