How can I create and email shipping labels to vendors?

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I looking for a way to create shipping labels that I can email to a vendor to use to ship the finished products to my business address. The vendor creates custom handcrafted pieces out of their home that I'll be offering on my website. She mainly sells through art and craft shows, so she doesn't have any type of shipping accounts. She just goes to USPS and pays whatever the shipping cost are, which are more than double than what I would be charged through Shopify.


I've looked through the discussions, and couldn't find anything.


I'd like the shipping label to have her return address, and my business address as the ship to. Is there a way to do this through Shopify, and if so, how?


I tried to find an option to add her as a fulfillment location, or even a second ship from address within our shipping profiles, yet couldn't find anything.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.




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